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***Offered Friday through Sunday from 11am-2pm***

Something Sweet

Yogurt & Granola seasonal fruit 8

German Chocolate Doughnut Chocolate Ganache, Devils Food Cake 6

Viennoiserie daily pastry selection 8

Belgian Waffles Raspberry Lemon Jam, Maple 9

Served with Greens

Avocado Toast Pickled Onion, Greens, Lemon 12

Savory Quiche Carbonara 14

Smoked Salmon Bagel Cucumber, Red Onion, Caper 11

the Albert Omelette daily selection MP

Our Specials

Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich Pickles & Aioli on Brioche 14

Eggs Benedict Duck Confit, Bearnaise & Sofrito 15

Lyonnaise Salad Frisee, Croutons, Bacon Lardon Vinaigrette 14

Slagel Farms Cheeseburger Cheddar, Pickles, Special Sauce & Fries 15
add a Fried Egg 3 | add Bacon 3


Two Eggs any style 6

Bacon 6

Breakfast Potatoes with Aioli 6

Greens Salad 4


*****All items subject to change*****



Mimosa orange liqueur & sparkling     12

Irish Coffee caffè amaro, whiskey, mint whipped cream     13

Bloody Mary green chili vodka, horseradish, cucumber     13

Lost and Found smoked rum, bitters, honey     14

Bitter French apéritif, lemon, sugar, sparkling     12

Le Cuisiniere chartreuse liqueur, gin, lime, soda      15

Hot Toddy cognac, honey & lemon      13

CGP vodka, gin, framboise, not an egg white, lime      14

Debbie, Don’t reposado, amaro, lemon, maple     13


Lavender Lemonade lemon, lavender simple, soda     5

Fireside grapefruit, jalepeño, gingerbeer     6

P&T pomegranate, cucumber, tonic     7

Black Pearl black tea, orange, lime     6

Add booze. It’s Brunch     12

Tea Service

Emperor’s Jasmine Pearls     9

Sencha Genmaicha     10

Regal English Breakfast     7

Fields of France Rooibos     8

Into the Wilds of Greece     10

Rose Noir     16

Exotica White     14

Espresso Bar

Espresso     3

Americano     4

Cappuccino     4.50