Bread Plate Cultured Butter 4/8

Zucchini Soup Chilled with Pepitas, Summer Peppers & Watercress 13

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine with Black Sesame, Coriander and Cucumber 23

Calabrian Chili Campanelle Snow Peas, Pecorino & Preserved Meyer Lemon 14/28

Hawaiian Kampachi Marinated with Citrus, Daikon Radish, Serrano Chili & Sun ower Seeds 18

Spanish Octopus Charred with Avocado, Melon & Tahini Yogurt 16

Scarlet Beets Roasted with Dill, Horseradish & Leeks 14

Green Papaya Salted with Passion Fruit, Hen of the Woods Mushroom & Peanuts 12

Diver Scallop Roasted with Carrots, English Peas & Yellow Curry 18

Burrata Cheese Marinated with Basil, Celery, & Watermelon 14


Fjord Sea Trout Sautéed with Eggplant, Peaches & Tamarind 27

Spring Chicken Presse with Green Olives, Fingerlings & Trumpet Mushrooms 26

Meagre Bass Grilled with Black Olive, Golden Tomatoes & Summer Beans 34

Aged Rohan Duck Roasted with Miso, Pineapple & XO Sauce 44

Slagel Farms Beef Short Rib Glazed with Chanterelles, Huckleberry & White Anchovy 39

Black Cod Grilled with Cabbage, Calamansi & Scallions 32

Australian Rack of Lamb Roasted with Black Garlic, Collard Greens & Vidalia Onion 29

Potato Pavé with Almond, Broccoli & Garlic 24