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3 Delicious Toast Recipes For Morning Brunch

3 Delicious Toast Recipes For Morning Brunch

Sure, gourmet toasts make for a great meal or pick-me-up anytime of the day, but it’s not uncommon to wake up, bright and early, craving a slice of toast and a few hearty toppings. There’s a reason breakfast toasts are popping up on menus abound.

Yet—there’s more to toast than just spreading toppings over bread. In fact, there are tons of savory toast recipes that can satisfy your taste buds and make your dining experience a true adventure.

And, it’s the medley of ingredients, flavors, and textures that can amplify the creative and artistic profile. Let’s be honest: There’s no possibility of taking a bite without first Instagramming, right? What’s more, it’s easy to grab and go, so you can nosh on your toasty goodness from anywhere (no fork and knife, required). Napkin? Yes.

Here are 3 exciting ways to enjoy breakfast toast, with a few tips from the Albert’s Executive Chef, Brandon Brumback.

Avocado Toast + An Egg

There’s no denying it—the “avo” craze is real. Our favorite green fruit makes for a killer toast, with its creamy texture, high count of healthy fats, and trendy appeal. Yet, why stop at just avocado as a topper? Brumback suggests topping it with an egg yolk, for a bit of pizzazz.

You’ll get an added layer of creaminess and stark flavor, as well as some choline (a major brain-booster in the a.m.) and iron to keep munchies at bay and provide stable energy for the day ahead. And, with a bit of citrus and radish as a garnish (like grapefruit), it creates acidity and tartness, for a well-rounded meal.

Smoked Fish

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with spreading a layer of cream cheese or ricotta cheese on toast and piling smoked salmon, capers, and onion, but choosing smoked fish spreads, like salmon, trout, or whitefish, along with some crunchy vegetables on top, like sliced cucumber, carrots, or celery, can easily take your toast from a snack to a meal.

And, the type and thickness of the bread does matter. “I do not like too hard of a bread; however, it needs to have structure when you pick it up,” says Brumback. “I tend to go towards a seeded wheat or a sour dough. These breads are perfect for toast because they are sturdy and absorb just the right amount of toppings,” he adds.

Bacon + Egg + Cheese

Who can say no to bacon (morning, noon, and night, right?)—not many. Good news is crispy bacon makes for a delicious toast topper, and it’s high in protein and iron to keep you full. Bacon, egg, and cheese are a renowned trio in the dining scene, but Brumback has a secret: He adds thick, tomato slices and fries the egg in bacon fat, to get a desired “crispy, white soft egg yolk,” he says. It’s “rich, salty, and messy, and I love it,” he says. Double the bacon, double the fun.

Enjoy more of Chef Brandon Brumback’s food, and visit us by booking a reservation.

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