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5 Secrets to Preparing an Italian Mother’s Day Brunch

Moms treasure even the smallest gestures, but on Mother’s Day, a little extra thought goes a long way. Offering an experience is a heartfelt way to show appreciation, and cooking a delicious brunch for the whole family is a perfect choice. Starting the day with a nourishing meal sets the stage for a day filled with surprises and adventures you may have planned. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to gather everyone together and create something special for the remarkable women in your life. To ensure your morning celebration is a hit, we’re here to share five secrets to preparing an Italian-inspired Mother’s Day brunch.


Add strawberries to classic Italian dishes

One of the most famous breakfast fruits has to be strawberry, and it’s a great complement to a variety of dishes. To serve mom her Italian favorites, but with a breakfast twist, you can simply add a strawberry to the food. For example, try making a mozzarella bruschetta that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory flavors by intermingling tomatoes and strawberries as toppings. You could also try baking up a basil coffee cake and sprinkling strawberries in the batter before baking for a bright spring flavor. By infusing beloved Italian classics with the fresh, vibrant essence of strawberries, you’re sure to create a Mother’s Day dinner that’s as unforgettable as she is.


Turn Italian desserts into breakfast food

Who doesn’t love dessert? Italians are known for their sweet treats, and there is a place for them at every brunch table when you turn them into a breakfast dish. A unique take on Tiramisu is to turn them into pancakes, or you could stuff focaccia with Nutella. Even Cannoli, the most well-known Italian dessert, can be transformed into a pound cake. The possibilities are endless, and with a little creativity, you’ll bake up a one-of-a-kind meal that your mom will appreciate for years to come.


Include a mix of sweet and savory

While every good brunch features sweet delights, it’s also important to balance the palette with savory flavors as well, using a medley of eggs, fresh veggies, and flavorful meats. This can be accomplished in an Italian style by serving a frittata, torte, or even an Italian sausage strata. These hearty dishes not only add depth and variety to your brunch spread but also provide a satisfying dining experience for everyone gathered around the table, providing the energy needed for the day of celebrations.


Don’t forget a Latte

The perfect compliment to any Italian brunch is a fresh-brewed latte, which also serves as a kickstart for the rest of your Mother’s Day festivities. A latte adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your brunch affair, as well as tips a hat to Italian culture where coffee is more than just a beverage but a cherished ritual of connection. As you sip on the creamy foam and discuss your favorite childhood memories and things you love most about the women in your life, the comforting embrace of the latte will create a cozy atmosphere perfect for your mid-morning meal.


Presentation is a feast for the eyes

A simple yet effective way to elevate your brunch and make it more charming is by adding a bouquet of carefully arranged fresh flowers in a vase to the table. This thoughtful gesture will not only add some color to the ambiance, but it also can add a sweet fragrance and serves as a thoughtful gesture for mom. You can even consider pulling out the fancy plates and using linen napkins rather than paper for a sophisticated look that shows how much you care. Mom will appreciate the attention to detail and will treasure the memorable occasion. 


Brunch away

Brunch is beloved by Italians and Americans alike, creating the perfect backdrop for an intimate get-together with friends and family. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to plan such an event or enjoy it done for you when you visit an Italian restaurant. the Albert in Chicago is hosting Mother’s Day this year, with a variety of dishes suited for everyone to find a favorite. Our chef works tirelessly to craft a meal dedicated to moms and all that they do, and we’d love to have you! 


Check out the menu and book your spot here to gift Mom with an experience she won’t find anywhere else. 

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