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4 of the Top Romantic Italian Foods

4 of the Top Romantic Italian Foods

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people are making romantic dinner plans. A favorite that many people choose to eat in February are Italian foods. Whether you are making food at home or going out to eat, Italian cuisine is delicious and sure to be a hit with your significant other. That’s why we’ve put together 4 of the top romantic Italian foods for your Valentine’s date. 

Burrata salad

This fresh take on a classic starter is light and fun, with zesty flavors that will impress your date. Mixing fresh greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and burrata, this dish only takes around 15 minutes to make at home and is usually served at room temperature. Some people prefer to top it with pita chips for an added crunch rather than croutons. The creamy burrata cheese creates a strong contrast with the tomatoes and makes for a great way to start your dinner. 

Potato gnocchi

There are so many ways to eat potato gnocchi and it makes for a great versatile dish in any meal. In Italy, gnocchi is typically served as a first course in precursor to pasta. Usually served in small portions, these dumplings taste great with sausage, beef ragu, or basil pesto or on their own. This is a dish that is fun to share and can be customized to fit your Valentine’s taste.


Rather than opting for a long noodle that is hard to eat without slurping and making a mess, there are Italian pasta options that are much easier to consume. Ravioli is small but filling, and can be versatile in flavor. Popular stuffing varieties include cheese, spinach, and meat, but there are also butternut squash or lobster options. Not only is the filling customizable, but ravioli is great with just about any sauce you choose, from alfredo to marinara to pesto.


Tiramisu is a creamy Italian favorite that offers a break from traditional desserts. By simply layering lady-fingers dipped in espresso and a mascarpone mixture, you can enjoy a rich dish full of delicious ingredients. Another great perk of this dessert is that it’s no-bake, making it an easy-yet-impressive way to end your night. Top it with cocoa powder to perfectly complete the dish.

Enjoy your romantic dinner

Italian cuisine is a classic favorite for any occasion, but is especially popular when looking for romantic dinner options. Both easy to make and served in many different restaurants, you’re sure to find the perfect option for a great romantic night during the month of love. If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant this Valentine’s Day in Chicago, consider the Albert, which specializes in Italian inspired dishes.

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