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3 Seasonal Fall Ingredients Popping Up On Menus Now

3 Seasonal Fall Ingredients Popping Up On Menus Now

Now that it’s September, it’s time to embrace the leaves, the breeze, and of course, the season’s finest ingredients. By eating in season, you’re enhancing the flavor profile of your dishes and getting your biggest nutritional bang for your buck, as your produce and spices will be healthier and tastier than out of season picks.

So, when there’s a food that’s in its prime, peak season, you’ll want to incorporate into meals and take full advantage for all the time you have.

And, an added bonus to frequently swapping ingredients for new one that are more suitable for the season’s climate and growing patterns? It keeps your taste buds intrigued, so each dish can feel like a new culinary adventure. Here are 3 seasonal ingredients you’ll want to start eating now, before time runs out.


There’s no need to stick with “pumpkin spice” everything when you can eat from the natural pumpkin, itself.

Another term for “pumpkin seeds,” pepitas are a great addition to any fall-inspired menu item. What makes them so great? They add crunch to salads, soups, desserts, and crusted meats, and they are high in magnesium, zinc, and protein, to keep you satiated and energized.

For instance, at the Albert, the chilled zucchini soup, which has a smooth texture to begin with, gets some texture from pepitas. What’s more, the use of nuts and seeds in appetizers is a common trend at the restaurant, where Chef Brandon Brumback uses peanuts to elevate the green papaya and passion fruit dish and sunflower seeds for crunch in the marinated Hawaiian kampachi.


Of course, you can use spices year-round to boost flavor and add some kick to your meals, but spices especially come in handy during the fall, as it creates this cozy, comforting feeling that is so common during climate transitions and family festivities. (Interested in booking holiday parties at the Albert? Check it out.)

Chef Brumback uses a few different spices in his cooking, such as tamarind, yellow curry, and coriander, all traditional, grounding spices suitable for fall. And, as a few ways to enjoy them could be with meats, such as fois gras terrine, or fish and shellfish, such as trout or scallops.


You may have noticed the return of those delicious honeycrisp apples at the grocery store—apple season is back. And, each apple has a distinct flavor and texture, so you’ll want to try them all out and pick your favorites. Plus, apples are incredibly versatile, as they fit well in salads, with meats, in sauces, with potatoes, and especially, in desserts.

In fact, the Albert’s Vanarin Kuch, head Pastry Chef, has unleashed his newest creation for fall, a warm, gooey, apple dessert that really reminds you what the fall season is about: Family, comfort, and celebration.

And, if you want to try any of these dishes, you can easily book a reservation.

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