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3 Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

3 Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Whether your family gathers around to watch football games, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade or celebrates at a restaurant, there’s one thing all Americans have in common on the fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving dinner.

When you think about Thanksgiving food, you probably imagine tastes of savory turkey, melt-in-your-mouth gravy, seasoned mashed potatoes, and sweet pumpkin pie. These tasty Thanksgiving foods are the ultimate comfort cuisine since many of them are full of fats and starches. With so many rich foods, it’s important to balance your Thanksgiving menu. The right choice of wine can not only accentuate the flavors of different foods, it can be a vibrant contrast to the rich starchiness for which the meal is known- keeping the energy high and celebratory. Here’s a helpful selection of wines you can pair with your Thanksgiving dinner that will help make your dinner triumph.

Sparkling rosé

Sparkling rosé is a great option for Thanksgiving dinner. The effervescence of sparkling rosé can lift the palate and the zippy acidity can cut through the fat of your Thanksgiving dinner. Rosé Champagne like the Canard-Duchêne or Billecart-Salmon are lovely options for the meal. For a more wallet-friendly option, select a Crémant de Bourgogne like the Louis Boillot or the Moussamousettes which is surprisingly savory for something so pink! Rosé wine is a great drink option to help harmonize all of the different foods on the table, and of course, improve Thanksgiving Day spirits.


If you’re looking to serve red wine at Thanksgiving, you can try a gamay wine. In the same family as pinot noir, it’s light in body and has high acidity with a fresh tart taste. Gamay wine pairs deliciously with cranberry sauce—especially if your sauce is from the can. Choose a bottle of Louis Tete from Beaujolais if you want a fresh and juicy tasting gamay. Select a bottle of Guy Breton Morgon Vieilles Vignes for a touch of smokiness that will complement dishes that have bacon or an entrée of grilled turkey. Gamay wines can be a great addition to your array of Thanksgiving drinks.


Another superior wine choice for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner is a Riesling. These white wines are filled with flavors of apple and honey, and of course, a lifting acidity. While many riesling wines taste very sweet, you’ll want to select one that is dry or off-dry to better complement your Thanksgiving dinner. Our chefs recommend choosing the Hermann J. Wiemer from the Finger Lakes, an American version of a traditional German wine. Any Thanksgiving menu will benefit from the inclusion of a Riesling.

These three types of wines can help bring out all of the aromatic flavors at your Thanksgiving table. The acidic taste of wine can balance the foods that are high in starches and fats, creating a delicious palate. A piquant glass of wine paired with mouthwatering food may send you into a satisfying and content food coma after you’ve finished eating and drinking on Thanksgiving Day.

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