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New Fall Ingredients and Dishes

New Fall Ingredients and Dishes

The leaves are changing here in Chicago, which means that some restaurants are starting to debut their new seasonal menus and fall ingredients. Lots of restaurants plan to incorporate different ingredients into their new dishes, using trending fall flavors, seasonal vegetables, and other autumn-inspired flavors. If you’re looking to try something new, here’s two unique entrées you can order this fall at the Albert.

Smoked Sturgeon with Kohlrabi and Grilled Grapes

The Albert’s newest dish includes smoked sturgeon as the main ingredient. Executive Chef Larry Feldmeier explained how our chefs prepare this particular meal. First, they cure, smoke, and grill the sturgeon. Then, they season it with chili to add a spicy flavor to it.

The next ingredient they use is root vegetables, which provide a flavorful nutrient punch. Root vegetables aren’t just potatoes and carrots—there are many other types of roots such as cardoons, beets, kohlrabi, and parsnip. Chef Feldmeier selected kohlrabi, otherwise known as the German turnip, from this group to pair with the sturgeon.

Alongside the sturgeon and kohlrabi, the dish includes a variety of seaweeds that are lightly marinated in charred lemon juice. There are a few different types of seaweed in the dish, such as nori, wakame, spaghetti, and shio kombu. The meal also has grapes grilled with olive oil and chives, a fruity and savory addition. Lastly, our chefs dress the dish in verjus and nori vinegar.

Green Fig Salad and The Free Element Cocktail

When you are in the mood for a salad, Chef Feldmeier recommends another new dish, named the Green Fig Salad. The Green Fig Salad includes fall ingredients such as candied black walnuts and figs. These candied walnuts are not a typical candied nut. Our chefs first toast the nuts and then preserve them in a red wine vinegar gastrique. To counter both the tastes of sweetness and acidity, they add portions of black walnut puree, made with toasted black walnuts and milk, to the salad.

Fresh green figs, frisee, and red and golden beets circle the plate of our Green Fig Salad. To provide texture, our chefs slice thin candy-striped beets and place them on top of the salad. They dress the frisee and figs with a honey vinaigrette and roast the beets in a blend of red wine vinegar to give them an acidic taste that complements their earthy flavor. Lastly, our chefs top the salad with a honey vinegar dressing.

If you’re looking for a drink with fall infused ingredients to pair with these dishes, The Free Element Cocktail is the drink you should try. It features white whiskey, blueberry liqueur, and fig bitters.

These dishes are only two out of many delicious options you can order while dining with us. Our menus provide a wide array of selections, from Sweet Corn King Crab for dinner to Cherry Pie for dessert. Everyone has different tastes, so make sure you try to incorporate what trending fall flavors or foods you like the most when deciding what to order. These new fall-inspired dishes can help you choose what to eat at the Albert on your next visit.

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