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4 Warm and Cozy Italian Drinks to Make This Fall

Nothing says fall quite like a warm and tasty Italian drink to keep you cozy while you enjoy the cool breeze. Toasty Italian drinks are perfect to sip on while walking around pumpkin patches, apple picking, or any other classic fall activity. Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy a drink with a kick, you’re sure to find an Italian drink to enjoy this autumn. If you are a fan of authentic Italian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed by this list of 4 piping Italian drinks that includes something for everyone.

Caffè amaretto

Italians are known for their love of coffee, or caffé, as they call it. On cool autumn mornings, you can start your day off with a caffeine fix that any true-blooded Italian would love. 

This classic warm drink combines coffee and liquor, usually amaretto. It has a bitter almond taste to it, but when you mix it with coffee, it forms a distinctive flavor that is both sweet and bitter at the same time. For added presentation and decoration points (and a sweet touch), you can add whipped cream and almonds as toppings. After drinking this, you’ll be ready for whatever fall activities you have planned for the rest of the day.


The name of this drink literally means “the bomb” in Italian. The taste of it lives up to its name, with this drink being both warm and packing a strong kick. To make a bombardino, you simply mix warm eggnog and some brandy. 

This drink tends to be very popular among skiers on the Alps and other mountain ranges. Some people prefer to add whipped cream on top, and sprinkle on some cinnamon for a slightly sweet touch. Another fun variation of this drink adds custard to the creamy recipe. Sip on the piping bombardino while experiencing fall leaves outside this season.

Cioccolata calda

If you’re looking for a family friendly Italian drink, this sweet option can be perfect for the cooler autumn days. Cioccolata calda is Italian hot chocolate, but it tastes slightly different than the traditional American hot chocolate. Often, Italians will add potato flakes to the drink to add a thicker texture. It’s also a creamier, more rich version of American hot chocolate.

You can make it at home by melting dark chocolate, adding a few bittersweet chocolate chips or cocoa powder, and then mixing milk and cornstarch to the concoction. This is yet another drink that can be modified by adding whipped cream, or even drizzles of your favorite toppings such as melted caramel. This drink is perfect for warming up after a fall walk or ideal to serve at a party, and is a chocolate lover’s dream.  

Vin brulé

Vin brulé, or mulled wine, is mainly enjoyed in northern Italy. Similar to a warm tea, it incorporates several different complementary flavors. The base is either a cheap red wine, such as a merlot, or sometimes a white wine. 

You begin preparing it by heating up various spices, such as honey, cinnamon sticks, lemon zest, nutmeg, ginger, allspice berries, orange juice, or apple cider. Then you add in the wine of your choice, and heat at a low temperature. Strain it before serving, and don’t worry about losing the flavor, there will still be plenty of flavor to this aromatic drink. Your house will smell amazing, making it another great Italian drink to serve to guests.

Enjoy your sipping

From camping to fall photoshoots to staying indoors and watching the leaves fall, the Italians know how to enjoy the crisp autumn air in comfort. No matter where your fall adventures take you, there’s a great drink here to keep you toasty.

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