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4 Ideas for an Italian Inspired Brunch | the Albert

4 Ideas for an Italian Inspired Brunch

Brunch is the perfect meal to gather with family and friends around a table to reflect and engage in conversation with cocktails and comfort food. If you are planning on hosting a brunch soon, you will definitely want to pull out all stops to impress your guests. One way to enthuse guests is by presenting them with a brunch that is themed and has unique delectables. An Italian inspired brunch is a sure way to awe guests, and can include exclusive cuisine and drinks. To help you plan the perfect Italian inspired brunch, here are 4 highly recommended suggestions.

Serve bellinis          

Greet your guests with a classic Italian cocktail called a bellini. Bellinis are made with prosecco and peach juice. To make a bellini, pour white peach nectar at the base of a glass and add a splash of prosecco. Swirl the drink with a rosemary skewer.

Present a crostini bar

Crostini bars provide an interactive appetizer for guests. They require minimal effort, because guests can each make their own crostini. A crostini bar typically includes sliced bread with a variety of toppings. What makes a crostini bar fun is that it is customizable and can have unique ingredients. To set up your crostini bar, cut ciabatta bread in thin slices. Then, brush the slices with oil and grill or toast. Make about 5 or 6 easy toppings for the slices. Some ideas for toppings are ricotta cheese with cherry preserves, crushed tomatoes with shaved prosciutto, anchovies and arugula with lemon drizzle, olive puree with olive oil pulled chicken, and goat cheese with honey. 

Braise seafood or meat

For the main course, braise anything! Braising is a cooking technique that turns meat or seafood into tender bites over a long period of time. Typically, you can braise food by first searing it in oil to caramelize the outside, and then by adding liquid and simmering the meat over low heat until it becomes tender. Braise short rib or snapper, both of which are always sole satisfiers at the brunch table. The course of protein will fill up your guests and leave them feeling satisfied at the end of the meal.

Offer a frittata              

Don’t forget to serve eggs—a staple dish for any type of brunch. Eggs are an easy, fast, and flavorful addition to any table. Try making a frittata filled with nduja, spinach, and fontina. Make it in advance so that it can be fresh from the oven or stove and served right when your guests arrive.

A successful brunch

By following these simple suggestions, your Italian inspired brunch will be a huge success and will exceed your guests’ expectations. Your guests will leave your home feeling full and refreshed, having experienced a classic Italian meal. 

If you don’t feel like cooking and want to experience an Italian brunch made by accomplished chefs, then visit the Albert, where you can taste a bellini, experience a crostini bar, try an egg frittata, and much more.

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