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Healthy Recipes for 2020

Many people are ringing in 2020 by setting healthy New Year’s resolutions. There are numerous healthy resolutions to choose from. For example, you can select a goal to eat more vegetables in 2020. Some people set goals to eat foods that are better for their brain health. Or you could choose to go alcohol-free for a month, which people often set as a goal for “Dry January.” 

After you set a health-related resolution, it’s vital that you decide how you will accomplish your goal. It’s important that your resolutions are both realistic and attainable since achieving goals can be difficult. You may want to research and plan out how you’ll accomplish your goal. For instance, you could search for healthier foods you might want to incorporate into your diet. 

If you’ve selected a goal that requires you to eat healthier, you’ll definitely want to try some new recipes. To help you accomplish your health goals, here are two wholesome recipes from the Albert that you can make at home. 

Beet & Fig Salad with Endive

Root vegetables are especially beneficial because they are chock full of fiber and antioxidants. If you choose a healthy resolution like eating more vegetables or eating healthier in general, then you’ll want to consider trying more recipes with root vegetables like turnips, celeriac, carrots, or beets. The tops of root vegetables are also very nutritious, especially carrot and beet tops. 

The Albert offers a roasted beet salad that will make your taste buds ecstatic and help you maintain your health-related resolutions. Here are the instructions and ingredients for our delicious Beet & Fig Salad with Endive


First, roast the beets with red wine vinegar in a pan covered at 350 degrees for 35 minutes until beets are tender. Let them cool, and then peel the beets with a towel. 

After this, you can make the dressing. Whisk the grapeseed oil to emulsify it and then whisk in the honey and champagne vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Lastly, you’ll want to arrange the salad. Put all items in a bowl or plate, starting with the beets at the bottom so that they don’t make the other ingredients pink. Then add the endive, figs, walnuts and drizzle the dressing, in this order. This recipe serves 2 to 4 people.


4-6 beets
2 T honey
2 T champagne vinegar
2 T grapeseed oil
½ c candied or spiced walnuts
½ c quartered fresh figs
1 head of endive, chopped
Salt and pepper

Youth Serum

If you prefer to do Dry January, or even go alcohol-free for a short time, then the Youth Serum is the ideal drink for you. This beverage is carrot juice based and will help kick start your dry New Year. Carrot juice is especially beneficial because it is a root vegetable. Here are the instructions and ingredients below for the Albert’s Youth Serum.


Stir together carrot, orange and lime juice. After juices are combined, shake and strain over ice. Lastly, top with all-natural ginger beer. 


2 oz carrot juice (no sugar added)
1 oz fresh orange juice
.5 oz lime juice
All-natural ginger beer 

Starting 2020 Off Right

These two recipes can assist you in completing your resolutions this year, especially if you are attempting to eat healthier. Our Beet & Fig Salad with Endive is the perfect salad for a lighter meal or a side dish. Additionally, our Youth Serum can jump-start your day in a nutritious way. Both of these recipes can be made at home or ordered at the Albert, whatever is easiest for you. So, don’t be afraid to start 2020 with a few new healthy recipes!

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