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What the Albert is Serving for Christmas

What the Albert is Serving for Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year filled with festive parties, time with family and friends, and exchanging gifts. It’s also known to be a time for appetizing foods, piquant drinks, and sweet desserts. You can choose to go out to eat on Christmas Eve or Day, instead of staying at home to eat. Dining out on Christmas can be a fun tradition for families, allowing people to try award-winning restaurants and dine in lively atmospheres.

The Albert offers stunning art, spirited energy, and warm hospitality, as well as delicious food made by renowned chefs. It’s a perfect place to spend the holidays this year, whether you eat dinner on Christmas Eve or Day. The Albert even has new dishes specifically for Christmas this year, menu items that will make the holiday tasty and bright. Here are the new menu items.

Roasted Beet, Fig, and Endive Salad

This delightful salad will make your taste buds jump for joy. First, our chefs roast the beets with red wine vinegar in a pan. Then, they dress the salad with honey, champagne vinegar, grapeseed oil, and add candied walnuts to sweeten it up. Lastly, they add quartered fresh figs. Our chefs recommend pairing this salad with a California Pinot Noir wine.

Prime Rib Au Jus

The Albert’s juicy Prime Rib is a great choice for an entrée for Christmas dinner. Our chefs salt and pepper the meat and then stuff it with garlic and thyme. They roast it to a medium-rare or medium, depending on the order. After it’s done roasting, our chefs save the juices for the Au Poivre Sauce. This dish pairs well with a tannic red wine like a Merlot or Barbera.

Maple Glazed Root Vegetable

You can’t forget to eat your veggies! This dish includes carrots, rutabaga, and turnips, all skinned and cut into pieces. Our chefs toss the pieces of root vegetables with olive oil and roast them until they are tender. After this, they toss them in maple syrup and roast them again for a little bit longer.

Au Poivre Sauce

Last but not least, is the tasty Au Poivre Sauce. The ingredients for the sauce include shallots, veal jus, green peppercorns, cream, and sherry. First, chefs chop the shallots and saute them in a pan with a glaze of butter and sherry. Then, they add the peppercorns, veal jus, and cream. The chefs simmer the mixture until the peppercorns are tender.

These dishes are only a few out of many delicious options you can order while dining with us on Christmas Eve and Day. Our menus provide a wide array of selections, from Sweet Corn King Crab for dinner to Cherry Pie for dessert. These new holiday-inspired dishes at the Albert can help your Christmas dining experience be a success.

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