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A Gourmet Risotto Recipe for Beginners

October is the start of the truly chilly part of fall, and the cool breeze means that it’s the perfect time to start cooking warm and cozy dishes. Risotto is surprisingly easy to make, and is a classic creamy yet rich comfort dish. It can be extremely nutrient-packed, while still containing enough carbs to keep you full. If you’re looking to prepare a gourmet risotto that will warm your belly while impressing any dinner guests you host, read on for a recipe that any beginner can achieve. 

Getting started

The beginning of any delicious risotto is a warm base. Start by warming chicken broth for a few minutes. In a separate pan, sauté an onion and some shallots in olive oil and butter. Add in Arborio rice and stir until it’s completely coated and aromatically toasted. 

Cooking the rice

Add a dash of dry white wine to the rice, and stir until the rice absorbs all the liquid. Add in one ladle of hot broth, stirring constantly, and allow the rice to absorb it. Continue adding one ladle at a time to cook the rice until it’s tender. 


Add in parmesan, truffle oil, milk and butter. For an extra touch of texture and flavor, you can also stir in some mascarpone. If you’re a mushroom fan, you can even crisp some mushrooms to add to the top of your dish. Garnish your bowl with parsley, salt, pepper, ground nutmeg, or even brown sugar, and the risotto is ready to serve. 


Risotto makes for a great mac and cheese alternative that will still satisfy your comfort food cravings. It also makes great leftovers, with new dishes becoming possible such as risotto cakes and arancini. The Italians do hot carbs best, and taking this recipe from their book is a sure-fire way to enjoy a delicious dinner for the whole family. 


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