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the Albert: Blending Art & Science On The Plate

the Albert: Blending Art & Science On The Plate

You know the age-old question, “If you could enjoy a meal with someone, who would it be?”—Well, a few of those answers might have been “Albert Einstein.” The good news: You can feel as though you’re eating with the mastermind, himself, at Chicago’s newest, the Albert.

Situated within Hotel EMC2 in Chicago, which blends art and science to provide an innovative, guest experience, the Albert resonates with the hotel’s creativity, as shown through its eclectic menu and artful preparations.

If you’re not sure what to expect, here’s a helpful menu guide. And, the entrée portions are generally fit for an individual, but are also nicely halved, so you can easily order a few and share with company.


Not sure if you want something hot or cold, crunchy or smooth, or sweet or savory? Chef Brumback’s style carefully combines different textures, flavors, and ingredients, to provide a multi-faceted, culinary experience.

It’s worth noting the delicate nature of the Hawaiian Kampachi, which boasts citrus notes, by use of blood orange, as well as a bit of crunch, as it’s doused with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. The marinade itself is tangy and light, and the fish is expertly cut and prepared for soaking up all the juicy flavors.

And if you’re vegan, fear not—the Green Papaya, dusted with salt, passion fruit, mushroom, and peanuts, happens to be one of the greatest appetizers by far, as it gives an exotic take on a “faux” noodle dish.


When dining at the Albert in Chicago, you better come hungry. While it might be tempting to fill up on appetizers, you’ll want to save room for the main course (and even share a few with your party).

If you’re looking for something gamey and substantial, the Aged Rohan Duck, roasted with cauliflower, Miso and XO sauce, and the Dry Aged Slagel Farms Beef, roasted with alliums, are the way to go. Both meats are juicy, filling, and packed with tons of unique flavors that blend together swimmingly. The sauces that accompany bring out the subtle notes to enhance the overall flavor.

If you’re in the mood for a lighter, more fruit-forward dish, the Fjord Sea Trout or the Atlantic Halibut are great options. The halibut, poached in a red wine sauce, and the accompaniment of turnips, both breaded and marinated, make the dish incredibly unique and unexpected. Likewise, the trout is smooth on the palate, and surprisingly matches the sensory note of dates very well.


You’ve probably had carrot cake before—but have you had a carrot cake soufflé? And, one that’s topped with flecks of real gold? Probably not.

A signature dessert, the carrot cake soufflé looks and tastes luxurious and special. Topped with bits of gold and vanilla bean ice cream, it hits all the right notes on the tongue, and the warm, gooey interior just melts in your mouth.

It’ll turn even die-hard “non-vegetable dessert eaters,” into fans. Still, if you can’t forgo the rich taste of chocolate to end the night, the deconstructed chocolate creation is aesthetically advanced and encompasses different textures and flavors—all involving chocolate.

And a seasonal ingredient, rhubarb, makes its way into dessert, as well, as a delicate, airy option.

Keep in mind, the menu is seasonal and will change slightly, but that’s the fun of it—each experience will be exhilarating and original.

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