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Why Chicago Restaurant Week is Incredible

Why Chicago Restaurant Week is Incredible

Back by popular demand, for the 12th year in a row, Chicago Restaurant week is right around the corner. With almost 400 participating vendors, it is the city’s largest restaurant event and it is definitely not something to be missed. Over this fantastic week, each restaurant prepares special prix fixe menus specifically for this event. While Chicago Restaurant Week is every food lover’s dream, here are just a few reasons why Chicago Restaurant Week is absolutely incredible.

An Opportunity to Try New Things

Chicago Restaurant Week is a time in the new year to step out of your culinary comfort zone. One reservation can be a classic dining experience and the next something surprisingly new and fresh. The possibilities are endless—try a new food, or a new type of cuisine altogether. Take risks, cure food curiosities, and have fun while doing it! And who knows, a new favorite restaurant could even emerge from the experience.

This year, consider the season as you try new things. The Albert has a rooftop garden and uses seasonal fruits and vegetables to create our menu. Look for sweet potato salad with baby kale and blackberry and cauliflower soup with caper and parmesan on the 2019 menu.

Chicago’s Restaurant Community Comes Together

Inspiring food experiences are everywhere in Chicago. This city is home to some of the best and most diverse cuisine from all over the world. Whether you are grabbing xiao long baos in Chinatown, contemporary cuisine in a boutique hotel, Polish food in Wicker Park, or an authentic Chicago dog off any street corner, this city has everything.

That being said, Chicago Restaurant Week puts a spotlight on Chicago’s restaurant scene in the most supportive way. It highlights all the incredible food places that the city has to offer, and it recognizes and encourages the locals and travelers in Chicago to go out and support these places. Each year, Chicago Restaurant Week is so successful that more and more restaurants participate annually. This year, over 100 new restaurants will make their restaurant week debut!

Finally Try That Restaurant

Many diners have that list of exclusive, must-try restaurants. But getting around to trying those places can be hard—and it can sometimes be daunting to pick a new place to try.

Chicago Restaurant Week is the ultimate remedy to this predicament. With so many different menus to choose from, it’s a fun way to check off a few bucket-list meals that you’ve been dying to try.

Easy to Dine with Friends

With all the amazing options available, Chicago Restaurant Week is an amazing opportunity to treat friends to an incredible meal. Whether it is a girls’ night out or a date night, Chicago Restaurant Week is a guaranteed great time, because everyone loves to bond over good food. Regardless of your restaurant destination, Chicago Restaurant Week is a thoughtful way to show appreciation to the people who matter.

Get to Know Chicago’s Neighborhoods Better

Chicago has so many neighborhoods with unique identities and culinary opportunities. It can be hard to master or try them all, Chicago Restaurant Week is the answer.

There are so many places to explore in the city of Chicago, each with different personalities and characteristics. Chicago Restaurant Week is a good excuse to branch out and visit different unfamiliar neighborhoods, whether it may be in downtown Chicago, or in one of the many distinct neighborhoods. With over 400 restaurants participating in this event, Chicago Restaurant Week is a fun way to experience what different parts of the city have to offer.

Our restaurant in the Streeterville neighborhood is tucked in right by the lake with easy access to Navy Pier. This year you can visit the new, immersive art installation at Navy Pier – The Beach Chicago and then sit down for dinner at the Albert, where we keep with a classic, yet bold approach.

Experience Restaurants in a New Way

Everyone has favorite dining destinations, and it is easy to get into a groove with the menu and order your go-to favorite meal. Chicago Restaurant Week totally understands this, and with hundreds of restaurants participating in this event, there is a good chance that some Chicago favorites will be among those restaurants. That being said, with prix fixe menus, there may be a new dessert alongside your favorite entree that blows you away.

These are just a few reasons why Chicago Restaurant Week is incredible, and these reasons only begin to scratch the surface. In the end, Chicago Restaurant week is a fantastic event that brings the community together, recognizes all the amazing food that lives in Chicago, highlights the wonderful restaurant community in this city, and gives patrons an affordable opportunity to explore and discover this unique restaurant scene (do not forget to make a reservation though, some places will fill up fast!). It is the perfect way to kick off the new year—because what better way is there to ring in 2019 with some awesome food?

This year’s Chicago Restaurant Week 2019 will run from January 25th to February 2nd. Interested in dining at the Albert? Book a reservation.

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