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Cookie And Cocktail Pairings | the Albert

3 Delicious Cookie and Cocktail Pairings

Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party or sitting around a fire at home on a cold winter’s night, cookies are a classic holiday treat. This season, you can add a Venetian twist by swapping out milk for cocktails and trying out some delicious Italian recipes. If you have a sweet tooth, read on to see our list of Italian cookie and cocktail pairings that will make your holidays merry.

Struffoli and Nardini

If you’re up to try something new, struffoli is a must-make. This cookie is a holiday tradition in southern Italy, and features honey and citrusy fried dough. The outside is crunchy, while the inside is gooey, and since they’re bite size they’re perfect for a quick snack. 

Nardini is an herbal Italian amaro, featuring flavors of peppermint, spices, and licorice. Many people choose to enjoy it with an orange slice on the side, but the citrus in the fried dough makes struffoli a great holiday substitution. If you’re a fan of bright flavors, this is a great option for you. 

Biscotti and eggnog

Biscottis are arguably the most popular Italian cookies. Their crunchy, crispy texture and customizable options make them great for many different occasions. Some people choose to add nuts or berries, or even cinnamon to create their perfect cookie. Due to the mild sweetness, these cookies are the perfect companion for an eggnog cocktail. 

Eggnog is also highly customizable, but one Italian suggestion is to add vodka and amaretto to create a slightly nutty flavor. Drizzle it with cinnamon and caramel, and you have a sweet drink, perfect to pair with your Italian biscotti.

Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and Aperol spritz

Sweet and salty flavors make the perfect combination, and this cookie is no exception. Start with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but instead substitute your normal chocolate chips for dark chocolate, stir in a salted caramel sauce, and you’re good to go. 

Another great companion to sweet and salty is a refreshing and bright flavor, which you can get from an Italian classic—an Aperol spritz. To make this cocktail, simply mix Aperol with a dry prosecco and add in some club soda to create a little bit of fizz. Enjoy a symphony of flavors dancing in your mouth as you enjoy your cookie and spritz. 

Drink and be merry

Cocktails are perfect to pair with a cookie after a long day of holiday shopping and socializing. Treat yourself this holiday season by making these treats, or go out and let someone else make them for you. the Albert is an Italian inspired restaurant where you can order cocktails and Italian desserts that will make your mouth water. 

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