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4 Spring Food and Drink Pairing to Try in 2019

4 Spring Food and Drink Pairing to Try in 2019

Spring has sprung, and it is an exciting time in the food world—with the change in seasons, many restaurants are debuting their new seasonal menus. There is an excitement in the air to try all the new and creative dishes. But, no dining experience is complete without a drink to go with the meal.

Finding the perfect beverage for your dish can seem daunting—what goes with seafood? What pairs well with red meat? What goes along with a light, vegetable dish? But do not worry. Finding the perfect drink can be simple, and experimenting with different food and drink combinations is all a part of the fun. Here are some pairings to get you started.

Gem Lettuce Panzanella Salad with a glass of white wine

When you are in the mood for something not too heavy, a salad is a great go-to choice. But, pairing a drink with a salad can be tricky—it is easy to have one component overpower the other. A Riesling is a great versatile wine for salads; it is acidic enough to compliment the flavors of your food, but not too sweet, so it won’t steal the spotlight.

As a general rule of thumb, white wines are the easiest to pair with salads. Some other suitable alternatives are a glass of Gruner, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blancs pair nicely with more herbaceous salads, while Gruners and Chardonnays are more versatile like the Riesling.

Play around with the combinations, until you find one that is perfect for you!

Scallop Ceviche with a sweet gin cocktail

Everyone loves a good ceviche, but what drink do you pair with it? Ceviches are on the tart side, so pairing it with a sweet drink create a beautiful balance of flavors that allows you to enjoy both sides.

For a scallop ceviche, try it with a drop top—a cocktail comprised of mescal, gin, hibiscus, and apple. This cocktail keeps the fruity flow of the entrée, while contributing a sweet and light twist; it is simply a harmony of flavors.

Fjord Trout with a vodka cocktail

With a white fish such as trout, picking the perfect cocktail to go with your meal can take the dining experience to a whole another level. Generally, vodka, gin, and tequila cocktails are the best option—all of which pair beautifully with white fish.

Having a cocktail that has more than one of these options? Even better.

Try the trout with the plot twist—a cocktail with vodka, gin, sesame, and white tea. The complex flavor profile will be ideally complimentary and counterbalance the flavors of the seafood dish.

Not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage? Try a bubbly driver with the fish instead! The Lavender Lemonade will provide another great match. Made with lemon, lavender simple syrup, and soda, the light bubbles of this driver pairs wonderfully with a fjord trout. 

Prime NY Strip with a glass of red wine 

When you are eating a divine cut of meat such as a prime NY strip, getting the perfect drink pairing is imperative in order to have the best dining experience possible. But don’t worry, drink pairing is simple when it comes to steak—go for the red wine.

A Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect red wine for the job. It is a robust wine that checks all of the boxes—slightly acidic, fruity, and high tannin content that you would expect to find in a red wine. It is one of the most popular red wines across the globe, and it is easy to see why.

As with everything, these are merely suggestions to optimize any meal. Try experimenting and playing around with different combinations to see what you like—everyone has different taste buds and various food and drink preferences, so do not forget to find what is best for you, individually. But until then, these food and drink pairings will get you started in the new spring season.

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