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5 Great Restaurant Patios in Chicago

5 Great Restaurant Patios in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, as well as some stunning city and lakeshore views. On a beautiful summer day in Chicago, it can be difficult to choose between finding a delicious new restaurant or spending time outdoors.

Finding restaurants with outdoor patios can give you the best of both worlds. Eating outdoors also allows you to experience your favorite restaurants from a new perspective. Better yet, eating in unfamiliar neighborhoods can give you an opportunity to explore new parts of Chicago and truly dine like a local. Here are five great restaurant patios to explore in some of Chicago’s eclectic neighborhoods.

Fulton Market/West Loop

The West Loop area is known for its restaurants and bars, as well as contemporary shops and activities. The Fulton River District was historically a hub of commerce and transportation, primarily dominated by warehouses and industry buildings. It remains home to the Ogilvie Transportation Center and Boeing International Headquarters, but now also boasts a splendid assortment of restaurants, offices, and apartments.

Nestled within this collection of restaurants is Maude’s Liquor Bar, serving rustic french cuisine and shellfish towers alongside a great selection of wine and liquor. Their decor reflects the restaurant’s Parisian roots, with a small wood-furnished patio built for people watching.


The Andersonville neighborhood is home to a wide variety of local and independent businesses. The population is proud of its Swedish roots, as well as the original architecture which earned the Andersonville business area a National Historic District title. This neighborhood features an impressive collection of restaurants, from Italian cuisine to Japanese, Korean, and Lebanese dishes.

Hopfleaf Bar, a happening and well-beloved bar in Andersonville, serves elevated American and Bar food alongside an extensive selection of beer. Their secluded outdoor patio sports beautiful trees and flowers, patio furniture, and a large umbrella to protect guests from the elements.

Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago is made up of several wonderful neighborhoods, including Streeterville, River North, and the Loop. Together, they feature fine dining, art and design, a vibrant nightlife, many businesses, a variety of shopping destinations, and Navy Pier. If you’re on the hunt for a great dining experience, downtown Chicago has a long list of cuisines to offer, including everything from steakhouses and pizzarias to pasta and Spanish fare.

At the Albert, located in Streeterville just minutes away from Navy Pier and the shore of Lake Michigan, we serve contemporary American dishes in a bold and innovative style. Our patio, positioned just outside the restaurant along East Ontario Street, wraps patrons in the lively bustle of downtown Chicago while enjoying a great dining experience.


The Bridgeport neighborhood is defined by its working class heritage and diverse immigrant population. Bridgeport radiates an artistic vibe, with several popular contemporary art centers. The neighborhood also has a rich cultural history due to its diverse population. Bridgeport restaurants feature a wide variety of cuisines, but the area is best known for its pizza and breaded-steak sandwiches.

The Duck Inn in Bridgeport is a gastro-tavern starring cuisine inspired by Lithuanian, Polish, and American traditions. As their name suggests, their signature dish is a whole rotisserie duck, cooked to perfection. In good weather, the restaurant serves patrons on their outdoor patio, which features wooden furniture, red umbrellas, and a colorful garden around the perimeter.

Logan Square

The Logan Square neighborhood began as a home for English and Scandinavian immigrants, but has since become more diverse, welcoming individuals from all over the world. The area has a strong historical character, built around its long-standing boulevards and homes, as well as the square at the neighborhood’s center. A vibrant food culture featuring Mexican, South Asian, American, and Italian cuisine regularly attracts adventuring foodies.

Within Logan Square, Longman & Eagle stands out as a great contemporary American restaurant. Creative dishes feature local ingredients, varying from the familiar to the obscure, and from vegetables to organ meats. Their patio is shaded from the sun by a gray awning, and their wooden tables are surrounded by white wooden planters, lending a clean atmosphere to the dining experience.


Summer is a great time to explore new corners of Chicago, no matter what your interests are. Both culinary and outdoor adventures await you in all directions. All of the neighborhoods in Chicago have their own history and unique culinary influences, creating microcosms of unique flavor. Dining on outdoor patios in neighborhoods throughout Chicago is a terrific way to get to know both new cuisines and new parts of the city.

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